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Your e-commerce partner. Alconor logistics operator.

With just an idea, with an online store project... without the need for investments, loans or long-term commitments... you just need a logistics operator for your e-commerce.

We’re looking for people and companies with ideas, who contribute a project with specific needs: stock warehouse, order control, goods distribution, etc. and we, Alconor, provide the structure and put it into your hands, with significant savings for your company.
At Alconor we offer an innovative and efficient logistics operator service for your online store. We seek to offer you the logistical functions you need to guarantee an increase in your business profits.

Alconor is your e-commerce partner so that you have the best warehouse for stock, product handling and labelling, goods distribution, express delivery, etc.

CALL CENTRE service for your e-commerce

We offer a centre where the marketing, organisational management, IT management and the communications of your company and your product are located.

What are the advantages of logistics outsourcing for your e-commerce?

We live in a world that changes daily. The processes today are not what they were yesterday. After many upsets, from seeing how companies are no longer with us due to a lack of adaptation to current needs, we need to protect ourselves with FLEXIBLE work systems, systems that don’t restrict us in times of hardship, due to having fixed cost, but which are flexible structures that adapt to the specific needs of the company.

Alconor is the logistics operator for e-commerce in the Basque Country, with an international scope, that you need for your company to take off. Free yourself from responsibilities, delegate to Alconor and access a new lifestyle: Freedom, mobility and time for you.

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