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Storage in Bilbao. Warehouse service for companies

Almacenaje para empresas

We store your product and deliver it to your customer. Comprehensive storage solutions in Bilbao and logistics for your business: warehouse service for companies, handling, labelling, stock management, distribution, express transport, etc.

Storage and express warehouse service for companies

At Alconor we specialise in storage for companies. We provide your business with excellent storage facilities in Bilbao (Etxebarri - SPAIN ), with the optimal infrastructure to meet the logistical needs of any company, whatever its size. At Alconor we offer a warehouse service tailored to you, in which we adjust to any need.

Our facilities are capable of accommodating all types of merchandise and our team of professionals will carefully choose the most appropriate storage technique and packaging so that your merchandise is stored properly, with the security that it requires. When you need us to, we handle it and distribute it wherever your customers so request.

The creation and maintenance of a structure dedicated to storage can be very costly: real estate, adaptation to specific needs, personnel costs, general expenses, licences, insurance, etc. How do you solve this without the need for investments or time commitments?

At ALCONOR we’ve been managing our customers' merchandise for years, companies with different activities that have realised that fixed expenses determine the profitability of their company. Their solution was to OUTSOURCE the logistics process, leaving fixed costs as variable costs.

We carry out the entire logistics process on behalf of our customers:

  • We receive the merchandise / conduct Quality Control.
  • We check the initial stock and then take care of its placement.
  • We receive orders for dispatch, and we perform the picking and packaging.
  • We deal with shipping and distribution via our own systems.
At Alconor, the warehouse service adapts to your business.

Alconor is your storage partner in Bilbao.

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